Bill Moyers & Richard Wolff Discuss Fight For Economic Justice And Fair Wages

Interesting discussion of the disaster left behind by the financial crisis and that of capitalism itself.  Few of those die-hard Dems seem to realize that wealth inequality has actually grown worse under Barack Obama’s watch.  This has been a direct result of the policies centered around bailing out failed institutions rather than the citizens which make them functionally possible.

Richard Wolff is a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts and author of several books, including Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What To Do About It.  I find Wolff’s explanation of why so many are willing to buy the “hope and opportunity” myth to be very true.  Too many are clinging desperately to a an idea that is  not based in reality, and as the dream grows futher out of reach the tighter they cling to it.  Wolff and Moyers also discuss the lack of debate surrounding our broken economic system. Wolff also elaborates on how Roosevelt was far and away a better leader than the empty suits we have occupying Washington today. As Wolff explains, there are inevitable consequences for undoing the social contract and systematically oppressing the populace to support a rigged system.

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