Judge Deitz Rules Texas School Finance Unconstitutional

The fate of Texas school finance now appears to be headed to the Texas Supreme Court. Judge John Deitz sided with 600 other Texas school districts noting that the current school finance system in Texas is unconstitutional.

“The court declares the current school finance system violates the Texas Constitution in that it is inefficient, inequitable, and unsuitable and arbitrarily funds districts at different levels below the constitutionally required level of the general diffusion of knowledge,” said District Judge John Deitz.

It remains to be seen how Texas legislators will deal with reforming school finance.  There are obvious ramifications for Texas property owners as well, as any decision/reform will affect property tax rates for Texas homeowners.  The last time lawmakers touted success with school finance reform, Texans saw their property tax bills increase just a few years later.  I suspect we’ll see more can-kicking as this plays out.

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