LOL! Democratic Strategist Has A Mea Culpa On Mortgage Crisis Working Group Charade

This is a great piece on the task force paraded by our puppet in chief at last year’s SOTU address.  Remember that “tough on fraud” hope and changy stuff the big O. touted with the announcement of the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group?  This was the new task force which was supposed to investigate the fraud in the mortgage and housing crisis.  In this rather comical bit of self-reflection, Mike Lux, who was working as Obama’s liaison to the progressive community appears to have some regrets on the success of this can-kicking exercise.  When asked about why Lanny Breuer, a co-chair for the group, wasn’t more helpful in holding banks responsible, Lux offered this:

“Lanny wanted to go back to a law firm that represented banks after he was done,” said Lux. “He didn’t want to prosecute the banks.” After struggling with whether to be quoted leveling such a personal charge, Lux became comfortable with his gripes. “Come to think of this, this can all be on the record. I don’t give a fuck.”

Note to Lux:  From 40,000 feet, things are just peachy.


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