Spanish Prime Minister’s Days Could Be Numbered As Petition Gains Steam Following Corruption Charges

Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, could soon find himself out of a job.  At the very least, he seems to have lost the confidenct of the Spanish public as charges of corruption and years of secret cash payments leak their way into the Spanish media. The “Gurtel Affair”, named after a German businessman has the potential to dismantle the PM’s efforts to keep the Eurozone intact and supress the Spanish people with additional austerity measures. It’s no surprise that the EU wants increased powers to thwart journalists, because they have proven they will go to extraordinary lengths to prevent banks and bondholders from taking losses on bad debts.  Continued austerity and suffering for ordinary citizens is their preferred recipe for keeping banker bonuses intact and their political toadies in office.

As public anger over the scandal grows, so do the the signatures requesting the ouster of PM Rajoy.  In a little over 24 hours, over 500,000 people have already signed the petition on asking for “the resignation of the leadership of the PP”.  That includes Mariano Rajoy and any of his crony capitalist thugs “who have received payments in black money”. With unemployment currently over 26% and youth unemployment exceeding 56%, the situation in Spain is tenuous to say the least.  Will the Spanish people have the will to take matters into their own hands and oust their corrupt government? That remains to be seen.

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