An Excuse For Changing Your Light Bulbs – LEDs Go Mainstream

/An Excuse For Changing Your Light Bulbs – LEDs Go Mainstream

An Excuse For Changing Your Light Bulbs – LEDs Go Mainstream

In a recent visit to my local Costco, I decided to pick up a few LED bulbs to test in my home.  Turns out, many other Americans are discovering the same thing… LED light bulbs have arrived. This NYT article highlights some of the new LED offerings for your home, and some surprisingly good prices.  LED bulbs have a number of advantages. They last about 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and about 3 times as long as CFLs.  Chances are you’ll move or sell your home before you ever need to replace one of them. Oh and did I mention that LEDs are about 6 times as efficient as regular old light bulbs?  LEDs convert over half of their energy into light, compared to only 5-10 percent for the typical incandescent bulb.

What’s been preventing many Americans from adopting the bulbs has overwhelmingly price. Nobody wanted to pay $30 for a bulb even if it is the latest and greatest technology.  Now you don’t have to.  LEDs can now be purchased for less than $10 bucks.  While that may still be a bit high, shoppers my be a bit surprised that their old incandescent dinosaurs are now more expensive than ever. For anyone with even a modest budget to update their home, LED light bulbs now provide a compelling case in terms of the cost/benefit picture.  I tried a few out just to get some feedback from my wife.  No complaints, so we’ll soon be going LED throughout the house. With great energy savings and instant-on light, you can color me an LED convert.

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