LOL! Developer Proposing 58 Story Energy Tower In Midland Texas

As I stated earlier in the year, ignorance and money are running rampant in West Texas once again.  Anyone who lived through the 80’s boom and subsequent bust (I grew up in it), will appreciate this latest news. Apparently Energy Related Properties is planning a 58 story tower which would combine office space, condos, a hotel and shops. The cost of the project is pegged at $400 million. The Odessa Midland area has been on tear the past few years with the resurgence of the oil and gas sector, with stellar job growth and some seriously overtaxed infrastructure to boot.  Let’s just say the place isn’t exactly what you’d call a tourist destination.  The proposed Energy Tower in Midland would be the state’s sixth largest if it comes to fruition.  My bigger question is how much of it would remain occupied in the year 2020?

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