Jesse – It’s An All-Out Defense Of The Status Quo

This is a must-read primer for anyone interested in what’s going on in the real economy. Lars Schall interviews Jesse in a Matterhorn Interview special. Jesse runs the popular site Jesse’s Café Americain which covers the markets and precious metals.  Jesse is a brilliant writer with some fascinating insights into the workings of economics and monetary policy among other things.  As you’ll see from the site metrics on his blog, the Café is s very popular stop on the web.  In what is a rare appearance for the blogger, Jesse sits down to provide some insight into the all-out defense of a decaying status quo.  I have become fascinated with the metals market and gold in particular, because gold seems to be the closest thing we’ll get to a truth serum for our corrupt bankers and politicians.  Gold as I see it is telling us a lot about the current state of affairs in America, which is to say that the reality of the situation is getting buried below the lead.  This is a great interview, as Jesse explains his interests in the gold market, the evolving currency wars and more.

L.S.: Why do you focus in your work especially on precious metals?

Jesse.: I had always been interested in stocks and bonds, and then derivatives. I took my father and mother’s financial situation in hand, and helped them to achieve a comfortable retirement.  I was a little more speculative in my personal dealings as I was young.  I was an early trader in the stock options markets when all their listings would cover less than one page on a newspaper.

Gold and silver became interesting for the first time in the 1990’s, when I started to study the history of speculation and stock market crashes, and the rise and fall of bubbles.

This led to a fairly serious study of the nature of money. Up to about 1999, I had no interest in gold and silver. What I saw happening in the world economy then sparked my interest in that subject.

I write about gold and silver now because they are at the heart of what is happening. And there is not as much about stocks and bonds, because I have stopped trading actively in such a broad range of things.

I am fascinated by the sea change in the world monetary system, which has been colloquially called ‘the currency wars.’

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