Pool builders in Katy Texas are easy to find.  Selecting a pool builder In Katy Texas who can build a quality pool for a reasonable price is a bit more difficult.  Installing an in-ground swimming pool is a big investment and the project requires some careful planning to maximize your enjoyment and long-term value. Be sure to interview several contractors prior to starting the job so you have a thorough understanding of what’s involved.  Ask questions, and read any contracts carefully prior to signing.

If you are open to the idea of contracting the project yourself, check out my page and posts on building your own swimming pool.  If you have a knack for design and know how to operate a computer, you may want to check out Pool Studio, one of the more popular pool design software packages used by swimming pool builders throughout the Houston area.  Pool Studio also has a complimentary landscape design module called Viz Terra.  You can lease the two modules together to design your own Katy, Texas back yard paradise.

If you want the full-service option, here are some reputable swimming pool builders who service the Katy area.

To find out how installing a pool will affect the value of your Katy Texas home, just give me a call.