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Dallas Morning News Circulation Decline Might Reflect Quality Of Content

The circulation decline at the Dallas Morning News during the last few years might have something to do with the quality of the content. This is just the opinion of your humble blogger. According to Statista, the circulation of the DMN dropped in each of last three years for both daily and Sunday papers. Circulation of Dallas' largest paper still edges out the Houston Chronicle, but that's not saying much. While the number of readers of both papers is significantly higher, it appears fewer people are paying for the old print newspaper. Looking a the [...]

Denton County Home Prices Hit New High In March As Sales Cool

Denton County home prices hit a new record high in March with the average price of a Denton County home posting at just over $360,000. Median home prices for Denton County also hit a new all-time high rising to almost $320,000. That was a jump of 8 percent from March of last year. While home prices throughout the DFW area were hitting new highs at the end of the first quarter, actual closed sales of homes declined 5 percent in March. Denton County saw a similar 5 percent decline in home closings for the month. [...]

Texas Quarterly Housing Report Q3 2014 – It’s Been A Good Year!

The Texas Quarterly Housing Report for the third quarter 2014 confirms what we already know...It's been a good year for Texas real estate! Particularly if you are talking about increasing home values and positive equity, that's the message from the Q3 2014 numbers compiled at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M. The $50,000 question is how will lower oil prices affect the Texas real estate boom. Looking at the data from the Q3 housing report, there is a noticeable discrepancy between inventory levels when you look at Fort Bend County as compared to Houston. [...]

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