Texas Realtors Unwittingly Paying For Bad TAMU Economic Research

Bad Economic Research

Texas Realtors are paying for some bad economic research. That’s the only conclusion I can come to after looking at the current situation where highly educated economists are giving short shrift to the underlying causes of Texas home price inflation and market distortions. While the Fed has abdicated its responsibility to the American public, TAMU economists seem to be cooperating … Read More

Katy ISD Considers $748 Million Bond Proposal With New High School & New Stadium

Katy ISD is considering a $748 million bond package for the November ballot as the growth in Katy ISD’s boundaries continues unabated. The new bond proposal would be allocated toward new schools, upgrades of existing facilities and a revised $58 million stadium. If approved, the money would mean one new high school at a projected cost of roughly $152 million … Read More

Charter Schools: Trojan Horse Adored By Hedge Funds

Charter schools are often loved by hedge funds. There’s a reason for that. To get a better understanding of what charter schools are really about, all you need to do is follow the money. Once you look beyond the façade and official press releases, what you find are a lot of well-connected investors, tax breaks and special interests who are … Read More

‘We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat’: Demise Of First-Time Buyers To Continue With Flawed Education Policy, More Debt Serfs On The Way

This past weekend Salon had a great piece covering the higher education scam which continues the oft-repeated promise of a better tomorrow in the face of spiraling tuition costs and mounting debt for millions of Americans. Author Thomas Frank notes that  tuition is up a whopping 1200 percent in the last 30 years, even outpacing out-of-control healthcare costs. During the … Read More

Katy ISD Tops List In Average SAT Scores In Latest TEA Data

The Texas Education Agency recently released the average 2012-2013 SAT scores for districts and high schools throughout the state.  While the data did not include some recently opened campuses, the list is still a nice indicator of where area high schools fall in terms of college preparation.  Katy ISD actually had the highest average score for any area district reporting … Read More

Debtor Nation: Outstanding Student Loans Swell To $1.11 Trillion

The NY Fed’s Household Debt and Credit Developments report is out, and it’s now increasingly clear why the pool of first-time home buyers continues to shrink here in the United States. The report which has updated data through Q1 2014 shows that outstanding student loan balances now stand at $1.11 trillion, up a staggering $125 billion in just the last … Read More

Huge Increases In College Tuition Continue To Put A Drag On Household Formations

Zerohedge has an interesting post outlining the huge increases in college tuition costs throughout the country. Fortunately for Texans our 17.6% increase pales in comparison to the 80.6% rise college tuition costs seen in the state of Arizona during the last five years. The national average for the percent change in average tuition at public, four-year universities from 2008-2014 was … Read More

For-Profit Education Systems Are A Breeding Ground For Inequality

Two interesting, but completely related pieces on education.  The first is a Bloomberg piece highlighting former POTUS Bill Clinton’s involvement in the for-profit college chain Laureate Education Inc. Contrary to Clinton’s carefully crafted persona, Clinton is no stranger to big finance and the profits therein. As it turns out, Clinton has a paid position with Laureate as its honorary chancellor. Quelle … Read More

Nevada School Teachers Offered Loans For Student Supplies

If you want to know how morally bankrupt the economic discussion in America has become, this screenshot of the website from the Silver State Schools Credit Union in Nevada is truly worth a thousand words.  It’s an invitation for k-12 teachers to go into debt to do their job.  As a former educator, this is beyond appalling. It also speaks … Read More