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Voters Approve $750 Million Denton ISD Bond Package

Voters overwhelmingly approved Denton ISD's $750.5 million bond package in the May 5 election. The bond package for new facilities and improvements within the Denton Independent School District was approved with almost 75 percent of voters favoring the measure. Approval of the bond package will not change the district's tax rate of 1.54 percent. The $750 Denton ISD bond package contains roughly $215 million in growth projects, including Middle School #9, Elementary School # 25, new transportation facilities, additions to Guyer High School, and other improvements such as new tennis courts at high schools. In [...]

Texas Realtors Unwittingly Paying For Bad TAMU Economic Research

Texas Realtors are paying for some bad economic research. That's the only conclusion I can come to after looking at the current situation where highly educated economists are giving short shrift to the underlying causes of Texas home price inflation and market distortions. While the Fed has abdicated its responsibility to the American public, TAMU economists seem to be cooperating with the Fed in offering "alternative facts" surrounding the declining affordability of housing and real estate market imbalances. In a previous post I posited a guess as to why this is happening. After looking at [...]

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Dallas Fed Chief Calls For Investment In Education While Fed Pays Billions To Banks On Excess Reserves

File this one in the Orwellian chronicles of America. This is the kind of news that writes itself because it is so absurd, such an insult to our collective intelligence that you couldn't imagine a rational human being with a soul offering up such a steeping pile of horseshit. Enter Robert S. Kaplan, the new chair of the Dallas Federal Reserve and by default the chief monetary policymaker in the American southwest. Why is Mr. Kaplan concerned about investments in education in Texas? Perhaps we should educate ourselves to find out. Speaking to an audience [...]

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‘We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat’: Demise Of First-Time Buyers To Continue With Flawed Education Policy, More Debt Serfs On The Way

This past weekend Salon had a great piece covering the higher education scam which continues the oft-repeated promise of a better tomorrow in the face of spiraling tuition costs and mounting debt for millions of Americans. Author Thomas Frank notes that  tuition is up a whopping 1200 percent in the last 30 years, even outpacing out-of-control healthcare costs. During the last few decades, several ideas have been offered and plenty of blame has been spread, but little of anything in the way of constructive action has taken place to reform a top-heavy cost structure and [...]

Huge Increases In College Tuition Continue To Put A Drag On Household Formations

Zerohedge has an interesting post outlining the huge increases in college tuition costs throughout the country. Fortunately for Texans our 17.6% increase pales in comparison to the 80.6% rise college tuition costs seen in the state of Arizona during the last five years. The national average for the percent change in average tuition at public, four-year universities from 2008-2014 was 28.2%, according to data compiled form the "Trends in College Pricing" from the College Board.  Sadly, more than half a dozen states have seen tuition costs rise by more than 50%.  For those who are [...]

Texas Select Committee To Siphon Money Out Of Public Schools

If you haven't heard of the Texas Select Committee on Economic Development, you might want to read this fascinating piece by Louise Story detailing the behind-the-scenes work of some very wealthy interests who apparently believe there's no incentive too great to lure new business to Texas.  I'm not fond of corporate largesse, but when vested interests start colluding to avoid funding the public infrastrure that makes their exisitence possible, the situation is even more worrisome. It's no secret that Texas has a public education funding issue, one that's currently under litigation.  The Texas School Coalition is just a portion of the [...]

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