Why Economists Forecasts Are Less Than Useful

Mish Shedlock has an interesting post titled “Why Are Economists Predictions So Damn Awful?”. The chart of the Federal Reserve’s GDP forecasts during the last few years is extremely entertaining. Thankfully the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow forecast seems to be tracking real economic activity pretty well, accurately capturing the current weakness in the US economy. The simple answer for why economists’ … Read More

Daily Show’s John Stewart: Pipe Friction

John Stewart doing what he does best. In this case it’s an amusing bit on the Keystone XL Pipeline… The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook The second part of the Keystone XL segment covering property rights and the use of eminent domain is even more entertaining… The Daily Show Get More: … Read More

GruberGate Explained In Two Minutes

This is nicely done summary of everything you need to understand when it comes to the abomination known as the “Affordable” Care Act. Here we get a nice compilation of clips surrounding the NONtransparency that was built into the bill by shill consultant Jonathan Gruber. Did Pelosi or Obama know about Mr. Gruber and his contributions in crafting the healthcare … Read More

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – The Lottery

John Oliver doing what he does best. In this case the subject is the parasitic nature of state lotteries. While lotteries claim to be good for education and state budgets, the numbers tell a different picture.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Drones

As John Oliver explains, the government’s drone program (not to be confused with small unmanned aerial vehicles carrying a GoPro) has been very active during the last several years. Of course all those drone strikes from the U.S. military seem to get buried in the mainstream media. There’s a reason for the lack of press coverage of course. It seems … Read More

The Daily Show: Climate Change – Burn Noticed

With the UN Climate Summit being held in NY, John Stewart looks at the issue of climate change. After posing the question of whether a climate change march is really necessary, the undeniable answer is provided by remarks from none other than the House Committee on Science Space and Technology. Hilarity ensues… The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full … Read More

Why Hedge Funds Suddenly Love Bread Sticks

From Stephen Colbert at the Colbert Report. Hedge fund Starboard Value looks to have Darden Restaurants in its sights, and the folks at Starboard apparently think you get too many bread sticks at the Olive Garden. As it turns out, Starboard is likely keen on getting its hands on Darden’s real estate assets and not the breadsticks. The Colbert Report Get … Read More

Amusing Reading: 2008 FOMC Transcripts

If you were under the illusion that the lords of finance had a handle on the economy and how to steer the ship away from troubled waters, a cursory reading of the FOMC 2008 transcripts should give you pause. Anthony Sanders earlier this week picked up on some interesting discrepancies between projections made by our newly appointed Fed chairperson and what actually happened in terms of labor … Read More