Houston Employment Growth Lags State, Wage Growth Still Absent From Picture

The good news for the Houston economy reading through the latest employment figures from the Texas Workforce Commission is that the Houston area is still creating jobs in 2017. The pace of job growth actually picked up a bit for the State of Texas in April, while Houston has continued to lag other metro areas. It continues to be a … Read More

Houston Texas Employment Still Mixed Despite Narratives To The Contrary

Houston Texas Empoyment

Benchmark revisions to employment figures from the Texas Workforce Commission show that Houston added 16,700 jobs in February 2017. The latest figures show that Houston has added 19,300 jobs over the previous 12 months. It would appear the employment sector in Houston is rebounding from the recent downturn. The Greater Houston Partnership and their economic-development-oriented staff claim the revised employment … Read More

Texas Economic Development Fueled By Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Subsidies

Texas Economic Development Gone Wild

Texas economic development continues to be fueled by taxpayer-funded corporate subsidies. An estimated $1.4 billion in property tax revenue has gone uncollected in Texas from 2005 to 2015 as a result of Chapter 313. These are the findings from the state auditor’s report in October 2016. As Texas Observer detailed last year, the free lunch to corporations doing business in … Read More

Average Houston Worker Earnings Decline In 2016

Houston Worker Earnings

Through the third quarter of 2016, earnings for the average Houston worker continued to lag wages for the prior year, about $51 less than what workers earned in the same period in 2015. Texas Workforce Commission numbers also show that Houston added a total of 14,800 jobs for the year, well shy of what many economist were projecting at the … Read More

Houston Experiencing Falling Home Prices, Declining Wages

Average Weekly Earnings Houston Texas

A few days ago I wrote about the fact that Houston home prices are rolling over. Home prices aren’t the only thing shrinking in Houston, because average wages are also declining in 2016. Average weekly earnings in the Houston MSA were year-over-year negative in both the first and second quarter of the year. The chart above shows how paychecks for … Read More

Houston’s Bartenders And Waiters Employment Recovery Continues

The Houston area has now added 20,100 jobs year-over-year. That’s the good news coming out of the latest job numbers for Texas through September. The bad news for Houston is that ALL of the employment growth in Houston since September of last year is accounted for in the leisure and hospitality sector. The “bartenders and waiters”¬†category has actually contributed 20,700 … Read More

Houston Employment Growth Remains Weak, 0.4% In July

In the latest Labor Market Review for July 2016, we found that the Houston MSA region saw an annual job growth rate of only 0.4 percent. Houston employment numbers remain some of the weakest in the state this year. The good news is that Houston has not lost jobs overall in 2016, at least not yet. That is what’s happening … Read More

The Sobering Truth About Houston Texas Employment Numbers

I have seen some egregious misrepresentations in major news media, but a recent article in the Houston Chronicle deserves an honorable mention for a lack of editorial professionalism and journalistic integrity. Anyone with a brain knows the Houston employment sector is much weaker because of the fallout in the energy industry. That’s why I nearly fell out of my chair … Read More

Hey Bartender! Wanna Buy A House?

Today’s January Employment Report told us that the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 4.9 percent. According the the BLS establishment survey the U.S. added 151,000 jobs in January, and there were supposedly 29 jobs added in the manufacturing sector. WTF! Who does the BLS think they are kidding? Are we seriously supposed to believe the manufacturing sector gained almost 30,000 … Read More

Texas Layoffs Surge In January, More Job Cut Announcements To Come

The latest job cut numbers from Challenger Gray should give pause to those who have been calling a bottom to the recent downturn for the energy sector. Not only did Texas blow all other states out of the water in terms of job cut announcements in January, the YTD layoffs in 2016 point to an accelerating downturn. Challenger noted that … Read More