Lincoln Institute Whiffs On Houston Property Taxes

Did you hear the joke about Houston property taxes where the bill on a median value Houston home is only $2360? That’s the comical assumption put forth by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in their 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study. In a rather wonky trip down the rabbit hole, the Lincoln Institute would have us believe that Houston has … Read More

Patrick Threatens Special Session Over Worthless Bathroom, Property Tax Bills

The rift between the “conservative” Texas Senate and the more rational House chamber in the Texas legislature boiled over again this week as Dan Patrick threatened to take his toys and go home if the Legislature doesn’t give him what he wants. More specifically, Patrick has threatened a special legislative session unless the House passes property tax reform and a … Read More

Houston Home Prices Rolling Over In Sea Of Financialization

US Homeownership Rate

As Houston home prices roll over in many submarkets across the area, it is interesting to see the pundits and establishment players parade and endless supply of “fake news” to offer the impression that Houston’s real estate market is still a relative bargain. This weekend I came a across a rather humorous piece of “sponsored content” from a major real … Read More

Affordable Homes Vanishing In Houston Housing Hoax

breakeven estimate

While many in the main stream media continue to report the story of rising home prices in Houston, I thought I would take a few minutes to explain the Houston housing hoax. While your local appraisal district and local politicians may be happy to keep spreading this work of fiction, the fact is Houston home prices are softening in 2016. … Read More

Laugher Of The Week: How Sugar Land “Scored” Schlumberger

I have seen some hilarious posts at the HBJ covering our local “business development”, but a piece last week by Suzanne Edwards made my head spin. In the HBJ exclusive: ‘How Sugar Land Scored Schlumberger‘, she trots out the argument that Schlumberger’s choice of Sugar Land for their new corporate offices was achieved by the combination of Sugar Land and … Read More

Million Dollar Shack: Insanity In Silicon Valley Drives Middle Class Families Out Of The Market

This is nice little documentary from Michelle Joyce, a middle-class mom living in Silicon Valley. Michelle does a nice job bringing the issues of our national housing policy into the public conversation. Michelle and her husband, like many of their friends, have been priced out of the neighborhood. Unfortunately current housing policy continues to favor wealthy tech titans and investors … Read More