First-Time Buyer Share of Housing Market At 27 Year Low

Today the National Association of Realtors reported that the share of first-time buyers in the U.S. housing market continues to evaporate. First-time buyers currently only represent 33% of home sales. That's a 27-year low, and a testament to the failed policies of the Federal Reserve's trickle-down monetary policy. But all those poor schleps looking for a home can at least look on the bright side. JPMorgan is earning some serious bank on the contract they have with the NY Fed to hold $1.7 trillion of those QE bonds. The sad part here is that the [...]

Airbrushed NFP Report Shows Unemployment Down To 8.3%

Today's NFP report is one more indicator that it's an election year in the United States. Washington has a stated goal of reducing unemployment, so we should not be surprised that the nonfarm payroll report showed a gain of 243,000 jobs in the month of January. Unemployment reportedly dropped to 8.3%. Trouble is, the bullshit coming from most of the media is belied by a little thing called the truth. Given the relatively stable growth in the population, the labor participation rate should be growing if the number of unemployed is shrinking.  So why do we find [...]

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