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North Texas Home Prices Hit New Highs In Fed-Fueled Market Frenzy

The Fed-fueled housing boom of 2020 is still gripping North Texas. Median and average prices in the DFW area were up 13.1 percent and 15.5 percent respectively in November. Everyone moderately attached to central bank liquidity has been busy buying up assets. Denton home prices defied normal seasonal trends last month. Median prices in the city of Denton were up 6.1% compared to last year, while average prices hit a new record high of $315,590. That translates to a 13.4% increase from November of last year. Denton County saw similar home price gains with median [...]

Denton TX Home Prices Hit New Record, DFW Real Estate Closes Out Strong Summer

Denton Texas hit a new record in August, with average home prices pushing above $284,000 for the month. The average price of a single-family home in Denton TX pushed above $290,000 for the month, eclipsing the previous record set in June. The plunge in mortgage interest rates back to near record lows kept the summer sales momentum going for the local real estate market. Denton County saw home sales rise about 10 percent compared to August of last year, while pending sales look to post a slight gain as well. Flat pricing in Denton County [...]

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