Illusion Of Full Employment And The Changing Workforce

The U.S. economy has continued to add jobs during the last few years, driving down unemployment rate to levels which would normally be indicative of a robust economy. We’ll see another indicator of our progress tomorrow with the November employment report. The consecutive monthly run in employment gains is one of the longest on record. That’s what makes the tepid … Read More

Golem XIV: The Next Crisis – Part One

Back from a summer reprieve, David Malone has another informative piece on the current state of affairs. As Malone explains, the global financial crisis that began in 2007 is clearly not over. Printing mountains of debt to mask fiscal deficiencies does not make those problems disappear. To the contrary, issuing piles of paper money to feed the banks has only … Read More

Alternatives For A Sustainable Economy And Better Health

While Netflix may be busy removing a number of great films from their streaming content, this weekend I discovered that Amazon has a rather extensive library of great documentaries included with Prime membership.  Two titles that I particularly enjoyed are “The Lottery of Birth” and “Fresh“. The first provides a number of important insights into the current landscape we find … Read More

Moyers: Government Is A Protection Racket For The 1 Percent

As we witness the destruction of the social contract amid rising income and wealth inequality, Mill Moyers and Michael Winship reminded us this weekend of what the U.S. government really stands for these days, as in $$$$, lots of it. On tax day, April 15th, the AFL-CIO reported that last year the CEOs of 350 of the top American corporations pulled … Read More

Spies Travel – Do It For Denmark

Say what you want about Denmark, but they seem to understand the concepts of population growth and fertility rates. They also seem to have decent commercials.  Spies Travel released this ad encouraging Danes to have sex on vacation… Do it for Denmark!

Bernie Sanders: SCOTUS Campaign Funding Decision Undermines Democracy

Nice interview with Bernie Sanders regarding the recent Supreme Court decision to end limits on campaign donations in a two-year election cycle.  In Effect the Court just confirmed government by the rich for the rich, calling it “freedom”.  In other words, you have the freedom to hop on a jet and meet with wealthy donors to get their blessing if you … Read More

David Bromwich: Obama A Better Publicist Than President

This is a very insightful and largely accurate reading of what can only be described as one of the biggest presidential disappointments in American history. It’s hard to characterize anyone else who presented so much promise for “hope and change” yet has subsequently delivered mind-numbingly poor policy in terms of social and democratic progress. I can only hope the Nobel … Read More

For-Profit Education Systems Are A Breeding Ground For Inequality

Two interesting, but completely related pieces on education.  The first is a Bloomberg piece highlighting former POTUS Bill Clinton’s involvement in the for-profit college chain Laureate Education Inc. Contrary to Clinton’s carefully crafted persona, Clinton is no stranger to big finance and the profits therein. As it turns out, Clinton has a paid position with Laureate as its honorary chancellor. Quelle … Read More

Malone: We The People

No doubt our forefathers would be rolling in their graves if they could see the current mess we have created. That’s the message from David Malone as he pens another great piece titled “We The People“. Former labor secretary Robert Reich recently asked the question why there is no outcry? It’s a wonderful question to ask ourselves in an environment where the CEO of one of … Read More