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Warped, Manipulated, Flipped & Distorted – The New U.S. Housing Market

That's the message from Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform. As much as I would like to disagree with him, he's right. The reflation of U.S. real estate has been a spectacle to behold, particularly when you consider the mountains of fraud that were buried fines that were paid and money that was printed along the way to make it possible. By most measures, 2013 was a banner year in terms of U.S. housing, at least as far as prices were concerned.  But what about the health of actual market?  That's a question posed by Quinn, and ignored [...]

Mortgage Monitor – 2013 Loans Best Vintage In Years, But Housing Headwinds Remain

Black Night Financial (formerly LPS) is out with its latest Mortgage Monitor report, and it notes that 2013 was a good year in terms of performing vintages. Loan performance improved significantly. The report also notes that home equity originations are up, not surprising with the recent rise in home prices around the country. The rise in home equity loans is concerning considering that much of the recent home price appreciation has been driven by artificial stimuli. The collapse in refinance originations is also highlighted in the report, noting that 4 million fewer loans are 'refinancible' [...]

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Protecting Your Exterior Pipes And Backflow Preventer In A Hard Freeze

Katy TX and West Houston generally get colder temperatures than areas closer to downtown Houston. In the event of a hard freeze, there are some things you can do to avoid some unpleasant plumbing surprises.  This is a quick how-to video of what you can do to protect your backflow prevention device and exterior pipes if freezing temperatures stick around for longer than normal. You can keep your backflow preventer from exploding in a hard freeze by turning off the valve for the incoming water supply and then opening the bleed valves (test ports) to release any pressure. Make [...]

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