Search Dallas Texas employment trends.  See Dallas Texas job growth and wage data. Dallas Texas is one of the top destinations for families relocating to the Lone Star State. The charts and graphs provided will help you gauge the strength of the Dallas Texas employment market. This data may help you evaluate the purchase or sale of a home in Dallas area housing market.

Total nonfarm employment for the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington MSA stood at 4,314,129 through December 2023. With impressive job growth over the last five years, the DFW employment market remains the largest jobs engine in the state of Texas. Texas is home to over 15 million civilian employees according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

Dallas Texas Employment December 2023


North Texas Employment Engine Keeps Humming

Dallas Texas employment has seen healthy growth rates during the last several years. Job gains and and strong economic development have made the DFW area a popular destination for both employees and companies. Relatively low taxes and a business-friendly climate have helped the Dallas Texas employment sector.

While Dallas Texas employment has seem some impressive gains in this latest economic cycle, general economic conditions are a bit mixed. Real estate prices have eclipsed actual wage gains through this latest business cycle by a large margin. The Dallas employment engine will have to deal with the consequences of the Federal Reserve’s distortions of both asset prices and wages.

The Fed’s Fake Mandate on Full Employment

While the Fed has done a spectacular job of enriching existing asset holders and inflating real estate prices, they have little control over the job market. There is a very compelling case to be made that rather than promoting wage growth and “full employment”, the Fed has actually caused significant harm to the job sector, exacerbating both wealth and income inequality. These lingering side effects (I would call them a feature, not a bug) of the Fed’s massive monetary interventions in the markets will have lasting consequences for Dallas Texas and every other employment market in America.