Your best option for selling a home in Lantana Texas

Sell your Lantana Texas home for a flat fee of $500 up-front plus $2500 at closing. Save thousands in commissions vs big box real estate brokers, and sell your home for full market price. Work directly with a Denton County resident and broker and receive outstanding service and proven results. Aaron Layman Properties is an experienced real estate broker, providing you the same exposure as those high cost brokers with their expensive “systems” and bloated overhead, but without the inflated listing fees. Sell your home with Aaron Layman Properties and you’ll receive all the necessary services to get you to the closing table. Aaron Layman Properties offers the same market exposure, national syndication of your listing, contract negotiation, high quality photos, and everything you need to get your home sold.

If you are considering a discount, stripped-down, flat-fee MLS listing service or a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) option with a third-party aggregator like Zillow, save yourself the headaches. You don’t’ have to be bombarded with endless phone calls and costly marketing mistakes. You can enlist the services of an experienced real estate professional who will help price your property correctly and get it sold, saving you thousands in commission expenses. Aaron has sold hundreds of homes, and he can sell yours too!

With Aaron Layman Properties Smart Seller Listing program, you still pay the bulk of your commission at closing similar to a traditional listing, but you also save a ton of money over traditional real estate brokerages. By presenting yourself as a motivated seller from the start and demonstrating your intent to close a sale you save time, money and the headaches that go with a slow Dutch auction (what generally happens when listing agents make inflated promises just so they can get a listing). By working directly with an experienced real estate broker, you can still sell your home for full market price, retaining more of that hard-earned equity in your home.

My hybrid listing system works because it is backed by an experienced real estate broker and copious amounts of housing market research that goes with over two decades of experience selling residential real estate. In Layman’s terms, you get to deal directly with the broker from start to finish on the sale of your home! Even though you may be paying me a much smaller commission that what you would pay a conventional real estate firm, you will still receive outstanding service and professional results.

My Lantana TX Smart Seller Listing has all essential components you will find at the big name real estate offices, including professional signage, electronic Bluetooth keyboxes, a professional showing service to coordinate appointments, and most importantly, a professional Denton County real estate broker you can talk to in person, someone ready to answer your phone calls and emails when you have a question or concern.


A hybrid flat-fee MLS listing that actually works! Powered by the research of an experienced real estate broker, Aaron Layman Properties Smart Seller Listing program will save you thousands in commissions when you sell your Lantana TX home.

How Does It Work?

  • Fees: $500 upfront, plus $2500 payable to Aaron Layman Properties at closing, plus a 2% (negotiable) buyer agent commission
  • Listing Term: 3-6 months with unlimited listing updates.
  • Listing on the NTREIS MLS, and major syndicated real estate portals like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc
  • Professional yard sign
  • Professional showing service
  • Electronic Supra keybox
  • Professional market analysis, marketing, contract negotiation, and help when you need it.
  • Seller-hosted open houses advertised in the MLS
  • Cancel the listing at any time the home is not under contract with payment of the upfront fee.
  • *You can offer a cooperating commission to the buyer’s broker. If you procure the buyer on your own, you would not pay a buyer’s agent commission. Aaron Layman Properties would be eligible to receive the buyer’s broker commission if I procure a buyer and you accept the buyer’s offer.
  • If you need/want additional services like a virtual tour or aerial photography, I can add those items to your listing a la carte for an additional fee.

Do I need to pay more when I sell my Lantana home?

You may be asking yourself. “Don’t I need to pay more to really get full market price for my Lantana home?” That’s a good question, particularly since so many agents have spent decades brainwashing sellers into believing they had to pay six percent. The truth is that the market will ultimately determine what the proper incentive structure is. If you price your home correctly and market it effectively you can offer a lower co-op fee to the buyer’s agent. Agents deserve to get paid for their work, and many of them work very hard. But how much is enough?

The incentive needs to match the property you are selling at the price you are asking, in the market you are selling it in! If you get the formula wrong, the market will let you know! Many FSBO (for sale by owner) experiments fail at this exercise, and that ‘s why so many of them end up hiring an agent after the fact. There’s a reason home builders tinker with prices, incentives and bonuses to agents on a regular basis. They are professional agnostic sellers. They know how to move inventory when they need to. When you sell your Lantana home you need to get the formula right.

How much can I save when I sell my Lantana home?

If you are selling a $450,000 home, close to the median for Denton County home prices, here’s a comparison of how much you can save vs if you listed with one of those fancy national brokerage chains charging a 6% commission, which they attempt to justify with an army of administrative staff, licensed and unlicensed assistants and bloated overhead.

Smart Seller Listing Old 6% Listing Model
Sale Price: $450,000

Commissions: $12,000 ($3000 listing commission plus a 2% (negotiable) buyer agent commission of $9,000)

Savings over the old 6% model: $15,000!

$450,000 Sales price

$27,000 in commissions (3% for listing agent commission plus a 3% buyer agent commission)

If you are selling a more expensive home the savings only increase. With a $750,000 home, you could save $27,000 vs the old 6% commission model! That’s serious savings, and that cost reduction could make a difference in terms of actually getting your house sold in a competitive market.

What are you waiting for? If you are ready to sell a home in Lantana Texas, give me a call to arrange a no-hassle, no-pressure consultation along with a free market analysis of your home.