I am often contacted by buyers or sellers who want my help or suggestions when they are already being represented by other companies or real estate brokers. It’s the nature of the business, and the stories are often frustrating, sometimes infuriating. If only they had called me before hiring another broker! Today’s story is a perfect example of why you should choose your Denton County Realtor very carefully.

My day started on rather interesting note when I opened my inbox to get a message from another Realtor who apparently needed help finding a new 3-bedroom home near Dallas. I was was more than a little perplexed by the woman’s inquiry, so I called the number to ask if she was indeed a Realtor, and she confirmed she was. Sometimes I just don’t have the words.

My morning became even stranger when an unfortunate seller/homeowner contacted me with a somewhat depressing inquiry for help in selling his Denton County home. Apparently this individual who shall remain nameless is now out of state, away from his wife and family. He’s apparently concerned that his home hasn’t sold after more than two months on the market (more than average here in Denton County). Apparently this couple signed a listing agreement to sell their home with a “team” at one of the major franchise brokerages (what I affectionately refer to as listing mills).

This gentleman was nice enough to send me a link to the listing for his home and even his agent’s contact number. He expressed concern that buyers are “passing over” his house since there are apparently “no condition issues” and is “reasonably priced”. Apparently his current agent or “team” didn’t have the heart to tell him or his wife the truth.

There are some telltale signs that you have hired the wrong Denton County Realtor. When you are contacting other brokers directly to request their help in moving your house, that’s a huge red flag. Most competent Realtors know how to find a suitable house for their clients. That’s what the MLS is for. Contacting other Realtors, brokers to request their assistance when your house is already on the market is only confirmation of a transaction/relationship gone wrong. Obviously someone isn’t being completely forthcoming with the truth (or themselves).

If your Denton County home has been sitting on the market for more than two months and you seriously want to sell it, there is an honest discussion that needs to take place. An honest Realtor would have told this particular couple that there are absolutely some “issues” that have prevented their home from selling. I can see this is the case in just just a few minutes of reviewing the listing in question.

I hope this family finds a buyer for their home. Maybe they will wake up and realize they hired the wrong Denton County Realtor before it’s too late. Maybe not. Asking other Realtors to work for free certainly isn’t going to help their cause. Since we as brokers are not in the business of interfering with other brokers’ listings, there is little we can do for a prospective seller or buyer if they are contractually bound to another firm, brokerage. A home with confirmed issues or unrealistic owners is generally not going to be recommended to prospective buyers for obvious reasons.

For anyone looking for honest, professional real estate services in Denton County Texas, I know a good broker you can call. Just call me before it’s too late. Unlike many Realtors, I’m not afraid to tell you the truth…even if that means losing your listing.