North Texas Housing Inflation Much Worse Than Official Statistics

Housing inflation in North Texas is much worse than official statistics would have you believe. This is a feature, not a bug of the financial system we live in. The Federal Reserve's preferred measure of housing inflation, owners' equivalent rent, is a comical joke which is purposely used to provide the appearance of tame, measured inflation in the U.S. economy. Many government officials use the official CPI measure of housing inflation despite its inherent flaws in capturing actual home price inflation experienced by consumers and home buyers. The CPI measure of owners equivalent rent is [...]

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DFW Adds 10,000 Jobs In June, CPI Still Running Hot

The DFW area tacked on another 10,000 jobs during the month of June according to numbers released by the Texas Workforce Commission. That was more than a third of the 27,200 positions gained in Texas during the month. The unemployment rate for the Dallas-Fort Worth- Arlington MSA posted a 3.8 percent, just slightly below the 3.9 percent figure at this time last year. Midland Texas still held the lowest unemployment rate in Texas at only 2.4 percent. While the Dallas area still posted solid job gains during the month of June, the unadjusted numbers show [...]

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