Denton County Texas ranks as the 3rd most popular destination in the United States according to a recent study from RentCafe on inbound and outbound migration during the past 5 years. Denton was behind only Maricopa County in Arizona and Clark County in Nevada. Not surprisingly, Texas is home to 5 of the 10 most popular inbound destinations. Denton County’s net migration gain of 96,000 during the last 5 years is 10,000 more than neighboring Collin County which also made the top 10, posting at number 6.

People in Las Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami and D.C. continue to pack up and leave in droves. That could have something to do with the unaffordability of homes in those metro areas. As the study notes, over half of migration is housing related. The trend of affordable migration has certainly been a factor driving Denton area growth, as well as local home price increases.

If you are looking for a home in either Denton Texas or the Denton County area, be aware that the demographics for the two are not exactly the same. The city of Denton has lower median and average home prices, but it also has lower median incomes than Denton County. If you are relocating to the Denton County area, give me a call.