June 2021

New Home Sales Decline But Builders Still Cashing In

New home sales posted a sharp decline for the month of June. Don't worry. Builders are still cashing in with healthy profits. The Census Bureau said new home sales (contracts) for June posted at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 676,000 units. That's 6.6 percent lighter than May and 19.9 percent fewer new home sales than a year ago. According to Census figures, the median price of a new home contracted in June was $361,800. The average price of new construction was $428,700. Even with mortgage interest rates hovering near 3 percent last month that's [...]

North Texas Home Prices – A Bubble Begging To Be Burst

Jerome Powel and the Federal Reserve are creating another massive housing bubble. The bubble inflated even more in June as the Fed continued with $120 billion per month in asset purchases and the balance sheet hitting $8.1 trillion. The Fed's continued purchases ($40 billion per month) in the mortgage-backed securities market are utterly baffling considering the double-digit housing inflation numbers that keep piling up. So why is the Fed fanning the flames of asset inflation? Here's the primary reason... Lifestyles of the rich and famous Fed officials, most whom are millionaires themselves, are smart enough [...]

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