May 2020

Denton County New Homes See Sales Boost With Covid Recovery

Denton County new homes experienced a dramatic Covid-19 sales recovery last month. While closings of new construction were down 7 percent during the month, pending sales of new construction in Denton County skyrocketed 42 percent. This should translate to higher sales figures in the coming months. Sales of new homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area were down 10 percent last month following the lockdowns and economic fallout surrounding the coronavirus, but pending sales spiked 43 percent in North Texas as buyers took advantage of record low interest rates and a rebound in many parts of [...]

North Texas Housing Market Hit With Two Viruses

The North Texas housing market is being hit with two viruses. The Covid-19 coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns which halted economic activity resulted in a 26 percent decline in home sales in May. That was the worst annual decline for the Dallas-Fort Worth housing market in a decade. Contrary to the story spun in the area's largest newspaper it wasn't the pandemic that "chased buyers away". The 42 million new unemployment claims and a cliff dive in the stock market were responsible for that. It's difficult to get a mortgage when you are on unemployment, [...]

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