Housing Bubbles A Global Problem

Housing bubbles are easy to see, unless of course you are one those people in the real estate industry who feign ignorance for the sake of sales. For those who care to look, it is blatantly obvious that there is an echo bubble in real estate prices. It’s a global problem that poses a number of challenges, and the potential … Read More

Houston Luxury Condo Market Could Get Pummeled With FinCEN Expansion

Houston Condo Market

The Houston luxury condo market is looking ripe for a correction. In a previous post I detailed how the latest profile of foreign buyers of U.S. real estate was a textbook case of money laundering in plain sight. As it turns out I wasn’t the only one to notice this interesting development creating some seriously large bubbles in attractive U.S. … Read More

Canada’s Housing Market Bubble Pricked By Falling Oil Market

Canada’s richly valued real estate market is starting to get pinched by the collapsing oil market. That’s the news coming out of Calgary, and also confirmed the latest news from the Canadian central bank when they announced a surprise rate cut. Active listings in Calgary were up by a whopping 64 percent in December while pending sales dropped by an … Read More

China’s 50 Million Empty Apartments: “A New Asset Class That No One Lives In”

Anne Stevenson-Yang probably knows China better than most most foreigners could hope to. She has spent much of her time there since 1985. She’s fluent in Mandarin, and her husband is a former People’s Liberation Army intelligence officer. In this Barron’s piece she offers some interesting insights into China’s growth miracle, suggesting that there’s a lot of massaging going into … Read More

San Francisco Median Home Price Hits $1 Million

The race for the most expensive real estate in the U.S. entered a new chapter this summer as the median price of a home in San Francisco hit $1 million. According to DataQuick, the median price of a home in the bay area eclipsed the seven-figure mark in June. The new mark for nose-bleed real estate prices could have been facilitated by all … Read More

Oh Canada – IMF Global Housing Watch Shows Price To Rent & Other Metrics

The IMF has launched a nifty new housing price tracker for global real estate markets. The Global Housing Watch spotlights real estate price metrics in developed countries including price-to-income ratios and price-to-rent ratios.   Global house prices have risen for 7 quarters in a row, and many countries are even more out of whack from historical norms than they were just … Read More