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Better Dwelling Goes Off The Reservation Citing Tainted Paper

Canadian real estate site Better Dwelling covers some of the more interesting developments in the Canadian housing market, but their latest piece isn't one of their finest moments. While I generally like the BD site, the authors apparently jumped the reservation citing a new scapegoat for the U.S. (global) housing crisis. Citing a working paper on NBER, Credit Growth and the Financial Crisis: A New Narrative, BD goes with the theme that this working paper changes everything when it in fact changes nothing. Even worse, BD apparently falls for the ruse that mom & pop [...]

DFW Home Prices Pushing Limits Of Affordability

DFW home prices have been on a tear during the last 5 years. That begs the question of whether the recent price gains are sustainable. The answer to that inquiry generally boils down to who is selling what. In our hyper-financialized housing market it is not surprising when real estate practitioners or lenders suggest that we are not in a housing bubble. Whether you call it a housing bubble or not, there is no denying that the past decade has seen some dramatic shifts in the real estate market. Dallas/Fort Worth is certainly part of [...]

Foreign Buyers Still Flooding U.S. Real Estate Market

The the volume of foreign buyers buying U.S. residential real estate rose dramatically during the latest 12-month survey from the National Association of Realtors. The 2017 Profile of International Activity in U.S. Residential Real Estate shoes that the dollar volume of purchases by foreign buyers rose from $102.6 billion in 2016 to $153 billion in the latest 12-month period ending in March. In all, foreign buyers purchased 284,455 U.S. residential properties accounting for 5 percent of existing home sales and 10% of existing home sales by dollar volume. If you were wondering what's been driving the [...]

Housing Bubbles A Global Problem

Housing bubbles are easy to see, unless of course you are one those people in the real estate industry who feign ignorance for the sake of sales. For those who care to look, it is blatantly obvious that there is an echo bubble in real estate prices. It's a global problem that poses a number of challenges, and the potential capital destruction that would result from its collapse is probably larger than many want to admit. Everyone has to dance to the music, until the music stops. Looking at an updated index of San Francisco [...]

Foreign Investment In U.S. Real Estate Cools In 2016, But China Still Leads List Of Funny Money

The National Association of Realtors has published its latest survey profiling foreign buyers of U.S. real estate, and the latest data is remarkable for a number of reasons. Not surprisingly, China is still the largest source of foreign investment into U.S. homes and property. Something also worth noting is the decline of to total investment dollars reaching its way into the United States. It appears that the latest global central-bank-sponsored asset bubble may be finally popping once again. This will be a particular cause for concern for those wealthy property owners who have bought into [...]

Million Dollar Homes Sit Rotting In Vancouver As Authorities Ignore Illicit Money Flows

Earlier this year the government suggested it would start looking into the mystery buyers of luxury homes in certain U.S. real estate markets. Miami-Dade County and Manhattan were two of the high priced American markets where the Treasury Dept said it would start tracking all-cash purchases by shell corporations. Apparently U.S. authorities think now is as good a time as any (better late than never right?) to provide at least the appearance of concern about money laundering in U.S. real estate. It's not exactly a secret that the United States has been a very friendly [...]

Canada’s Housing Market Bubble Pricked By Falling Oil Market

Canada's richly valued real estate market is starting to get pinched by the collapsing oil market. That's the news coming out of Calgary, and also confirmed the latest news from the Canadian central bank when they announced a surprise rate cut. Active listings in Calgary were up by a whopping 64 percent in December while pending sales dropped by an equally large 53%. In Layman's terms that's what you'd call a pretty dramatic market shift! Closed sales of existing homes in Calgary were down 24.6 percent in December according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. Today [...]

San Francisco Median Home Price Hits $1 Million

The race for the most expensive real estate in the U.S. entered a new chapter this summer as the median price of a home in San Francisco hit $1 million. According to DataQuick, the median price of a home in the bay area eclipsed the seven-figure mark in June. The new mark for nose-bleed real estate prices could have been facilitated by all those wealthy Chinese buyers bearing briefcases stuffed with cash. That wouldn't be surprising development since the average price of new homes in China has fallen for a second consecutive month. The property bubble blown by China [...]

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Foreign Buyers Continue To Fuel Demand For U.S. Homes – Texas Gains Ground As Top Destination

Foreign buyers continue to prop up demand for homes here in the U.S, and Texas is gaining ground as one of the most popular places for foreigners to buy a home. That's the news from the National Association of Realtors' annual report on International Home Buying Activity. Between April 2013 and March of this year, it's estimated that foreigners bought roughly $92 billion in U.S. real estate, that's compared to $68 billion in the previous period. Chinese buyers gobbled up $22 billion in U.S. homes in the latest 12-month period. The latest numbers on foreign [...]

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Oh Canada – IMF Global Housing Watch Shows Price To Rent & Other Metrics

The IMF has launched a nifty new housing price tracker for global real estate markets. The Global Housing Watch spotlights real estate price metrics in developed countries including price-to-income ratios and price-to-rent ratios.   Global house prices have risen for 7 quarters in a row, and many countries are even more out of whack from historical norms than they were just a year ago. Belgium takes the to spot for most overpriced markets in terms of price-to-income, but Canada is still king for the most overpriced market in terms of price-to-rent, followed closely by New Zealand, [...]

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