Housing Bubbles A Global Problem

Housing bubbles are easy to see, unless of course you are one those people in the real estate industry who feign ignorance for the sake of sales. For those who care to look, it is blatantly obvious that there is an echo bubble in real estate prices. It’s a global problem that poses a number of challenges, and the potential … Read More

Financialization Of Housing And The Disturbing Gap In New Home Sales

Disturbing Gap In New Home Sales

The financialization of the U.S. housing market has led to a rather disturbing gap in new home sales relative to existing home sales. This is a subject I was referencing this week when I mentioned the problem builders are facing with the lack of affordable land to build new homes on. Today the Census Bureau reported new home sales for … Read More

Katy Area Rents Continue Downward Trend In January

Katy Rent Prices

Katy rent prices continued their downward trend in January. Preliminary data for closed leases in Katy’s relocation market indicate a year-over-year price drop of more than 5 percent. As noted in the chart above, closed lease prices in Katy’s most popular master-planned community were the lowest they have been in years in January, even below the weakest numbers seen in … Read More

Fed Looks At Texas’ Affordable Housing Problem, Fails To Look In The Mirror

The Federal Reserve can be commended on one thing. They never cease to provide entertainment in terms of their complete ineptitude and functional obsolescence. The Fed continues to show no remorse for the damage they have inflicted on the¬†general population and their destruction of what was formerly known as the U.S. housing market. The latest comedy from the Fed comes … Read More

Katy Texas Real Estate Market June 2016

Katy Housing Market

The Katy real estate market experienced healthy sales volume during the month of June as Katy area home sales fared slightly better than Houston as a whole. Katy saw sales volume increase by roughly 6 percent compared to June of last year while Houston area sales of single-family homes decreased by 2 percent. New home sales were also strong during … Read More

What’s Wrong With The U.S. Housing Market – The Panama Connection

It’s always entertaining to see a crony capitalist tool for our too-big-to-fail banking system get schooled by someone who knows where the bodies are buried. Intelligent people like Professor William K. Black and Senator Elizabeth Warren might not be the most uplifting guests at your next dinner party, but they do know a thing or two about how our current … Read More

YMCA At Katy Main Street Breaks Ground Near Woodcreek Reserve

The YMCA at Katy Main Street held a groundbreaking ceremony at its new home adjacent to the community of Woodcreek Reserve. Various Katy area officials were in attendance at the ceremony to celebrate the new 41,000 square-foot-facility that will be the YMCA’s second complex in the Katy area. The YMCA at Katy Main Street will have the usual strength and … Read More

What Happened To The U.S. Housing Market? It All Boils Down To Fraud

The stagflation of the U.S. housing market has been fascinating to watch. All across the country middle class families have been priced out of the market as hot money has continued to flow in from equity markets both here and abroad. We have been fortunate here in Houston Texas that things aren’t nearly as crazy as the bubbles you’ll see … Read More

Census: New Home Sales Decline 6.1% YoY In February

The Census Bureau reported that New Residential Sales In February 2016 declined by 6.1 percent compared to the same month last year. Unlike some cheerleader economists, the weakness in new home sales does not surprise me in the slightest. I would also point out that contrary to the opinion some pompous housing “experts” this was not a “decent” report. It … Read More