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Dallas Tx Home Prices Distorted By Fed Liquidity

Dallas Tx home prices continued to pusher higher this summer, but there is more to the story that you are not being told. Global central banks continue to levitate markets higher in a frenzied attempt to delay price discovery and push inflation higher.  A recent report shows $1.96 trillion in asset purchases by central banks in 2017. Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers nearly a decade ago, central bank balance sheets have swelled to over $15 trillion. Fed chair Janet Yellen continues to bark about a 2 percent inflation target that remains elusive, even while the [...]

New Home Sales Rebound In May

The Census Bureau reported a rebound for new home sales in May. New residential home sales posted at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 610,000. This was 2.9 percent higher than the revised April numbers and 8.9 percent higher than a year ago. The median price of a new home contracted in May was $345,800 while the average new home price in May came in at $406,400. Just like we saw with existing home sales this week, median home prices hit a new all-time high. New home sales volume, while up from last month, is [...]

New Home Sales Tumbled In April, Unchanged Year-Over-Year

So much for the Trump bump euphoria. New home sales tumbled in April, posting at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 569,000. This was 73,000 below the revised March figure and far below analysts expectations. Then again analysts haven't been paying attention to the real economy, so this latest data is not a surprise to anyone who doesn't have their head in the sand. Year-over-year, new home sales for April are back to unchanged according to the latest Census figures. And just like that, the "pent up demand" that pundits have been talking about has [...]

New Home Sales Crash Back To Reality Of Higher Rates

The Census Bureau reported December new home sales of 536,000 (seasonally adjusted annual rate). This was a 10 percent drop from the revised November numbers and well shy of expectations. Unadjusted new home sales (38,000) were flat year-over year. The average price of a new home contracted in December 2016 was $384,000 while the median price posted at $322,000, near the highs for 2016. So what happened to the lofty expectations of higher new home sales? In a word it it was an AFFORDABILITY problem. The real estate pundits who were expecting higher mortgage interest [...]

New Home Sales Rise In November To 592,000 (SAAR)

New home sales rose to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 592,000 in November. Census Bureau numbers showed the average price of a new home contracted in November was $359,900, down from the average price of $376,800 seen last year. The median price of $305,400 was also lower than last year's median of $317,000. New home sales have been surprisingly strong for most of the year, posting double-digit increases compared to last year. Census revised previous months sales slightly lower, but all things considered new home sales have been fairly strong prior to the interest [...]

Mortgage Purchase Applications Stall With Higher Rates

Mortgage purchase applications took a nose dive in the latest MBA weekly survey. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association total mortgage applications decreased 9.4 percent for the week ended November 25, 2016. The mortgage refinance index fell 16 percent from the previous week. The unadjusted purchase index fell 34 percent from the previous week. The unadjusted purchase index is now 3 percent higher than a year ago. That's a significant decline from the double digit year-over-year increases we were seeing earlier in the year. The recent rise in bond yields and mortgage rates is going [...]

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New Home Sales Soften In October

New home sales for October came in at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 563,000. This was below forecasts, and the previous three months of new home sales were revised downward by 34,000 units. Even with the decline, new home sales were still 17.8 percent higher than October of last year. The Census report for new residential sales in October showed a median new home price of $304,500 with the average price at $354,900. Median prices were higher than a year ago, but the average price was $12,000 less than last year. It appears the [...]

Mortgage Rates Rip To Highest Level Since July 2015

Katy Texas mortgage rates rose to their highest levels since July 2015 as we ended the week. That new home you may have been looking to purchase just became more expensive. Unless you already had a mortgage rate locked in, higher rates likely means higher home payments or diminished expectations. As Friday came to a close, mortgage brokers were discussing the wreckage of higher yields and looking at a new interest rate landscape, at least in the short term. Mortgage News Daily explained the closing of the week in the mortgage market... "The most prevalent [...]

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September New Home Sales: Let The Revisions Begin!

A few months back I wrote that the new new home sales numbers from the Census Bureau were a work of fiction, and it turns out I was correct. The original summer numbers from the Census now look even more like election year theater. Census posted new home sales for September, and the downward revisions to the previous three months were a combined 93,000 units! New home sales for September posted at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 593,000. The average price of a new home in September was $377,700, with the median price coming [...]

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Census: New Home Sales In June Rise To Highest Level Since 2008

The Census Bureau reported new residential sales for June that came in at a rate of 592,000 (SAAR). This was above expectations, and a continued indicator that the Fed's juicing of the market continues to provide a boost to new residential construction. The latest report shows that new home sales in June were 25.4 percent higher than last year. New home prices were also higher. The median price of a new home sold (contracted) in June was $306,700 and the average price was $358,200. This was a good report for new home sales, but it [...]